Hello, my name is Jen.

I grew up in New York, but have since voyaged west to Delaware, Texas, California, and finally Washington where I now reside.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, I began my professional career as a Senior Operations Consultant at Bank of America. As part of my job, I helped to improve processes and fell in love with automation. As a result, I taught myself Visual Basic to accelerate work within my team. As my fascination with technology grew, I taught myself HTML and CSS, which I used for design work in future roles. Seeing JavaScript as the last cornerstone to web development, I learned JavaScript, built small apps, and then attended Fullstack Academy.

As a recent Seattleite, I am looking for a Full Stack Developer position. My current specialty is web development with JavaScript, but I also love building games with C# and Unity, and am open to learning new technologies.

If you'd like to reach out, don't be shy. I'd love to hear from you! GET IN TOUCH!



On my spare time...

you can catch me on the slopes, in the mountains, or at home playing board games.