Escape Hatch

• A npm library and web app that accelerates how programmers find solutions to errors within their terminal

• Stack includes JavaScript, Express, Postgres, Sequelize, Stack, React, Redux, Mocha, Chai.

• Responsible for the database, search results page, front-end testing, HTML layout and CSS design, and rendering information from APIs into web interface


          Grace Shopper

• An e-commerce store specialized in seasonal items. Built using Express, Sequelize, React, Redux, OAuth, and Passport.

• Responsible for rendering the product page, managing the shopping cart flow, and styling the entire app.

Lenny vs the Zombies

• A 3D first-person shooter game built using Unity and C#. Implemented game elements like rendering, audio, UI,
gameplay, and screens using Unity and C#.

• Ranked class’s favorite and most entertaining project.

• Sole contributor

Gloomhaven Attack Cards

• Simulation of the dungeon crawler Gloomhaven’s physical attack modifier cards. As an avid player, this was built with
the intent to minimize set up time and maximize play time.

• Built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with a MVC structure

• Sole contributor


Lenny is having a rough week. He wakes up one morning to find his town is flooded with zombies. He searches the town to find he is the only human there. No sounds of screaming or dead corpses. It seems as if everyone just disappeared. Where is everyone and where did the zombies come from?!
Escape Hatch is an npm library and web app that streamlines finding solutions to runtime errors in both Node.js and the web browser. On a thrown error, a link is provided in your terminal or browser that will take you directly to our app which will present you with relevant information from popular sites Like GitHub and Stack Overflow.

In this video, I provide a brief introduction to MongoDB and discusses its advantages and disadvantages. I provide guidance on when it’s best to use MongoDB along with companies using MongoDB today.